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 Whether it’s a night out with friends and family, a celebration of a special event, an exhilarating team-building activity, or simply a fun diversion from the workweek, One Way Out will provide you an unforgettable live-action gaming experience.

One Way Out is a real-life escape room in Lynchburg, VA. We offer fun and exciting activities that "lock" guests in a room with only one way out-- discover the clues, solve the puzzles, and work together as a team to escape the room in under 60 minutes. Friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers get to work together and use critical thinking skills to escape the room. Can you escape?

Our mission is to provide our guests with an exceptional experience they will want to share with everyone they know. 

Check out our FAQ for more information or our Booking page to book a room.


Escape Rooms, Lynchburg, va

Looking for fun things to do in Lynchburg, VA? Try one of our escape roomsGrab your friends, family, or co-workers and bring them out to One Way Out for a thrilling experience. Our escape rooms are perfect for birthday parties, date nights, a girls night out, bachelor or bachelorette parties, youth group or sports team outings. Click on the rooms below for more information.

    The Baker Street Mystery

    Sherlock Holmes has been arrested and accused of committing the very murders that you recently helped him to investigate. The villain has now locked you in Sherlock’s Baker Street apartment. It’s up to you to solve the mystery, escape, and exonerate Sherlock before it’s too late... read more.

    • Difficulty: 9/10
    • Number of Players: Up to 10, 4 or more recommended.
    • Price: $18 per person or $144 for a private a room

    The Lost Professor

    World renowned archaeologist, Professor Wayne Marshall, went missing in the 50s and you have just come across his old research notes. Rumors have circulated around the college since his disappearance. Reading through the Professor’s notes you find evidence of a major discovery deep in a South American jungle... read more.

    • Difficulty: 7/10
    • Number of Players: Up to 10, 4 or more recommended.
    • Price: $18 per person or $144 for a private a room


    The Shuttered Room is a murder mystery where you play the part of a paranormal investigation team that's been called in to investigate a creepy old mansion under new ownership. The new owners got more than they bargained for in the purchase. They're at their wits' end and you're their only hope... read more.

    • Difficulty: 8/10
    • Number of Players: Up to 6, 4 or more recommended.
    • Price: $18 per person or $108 for a private a room

    Escape Detention

    It's Friday afternoon and the only thing between you and a weekend of freedom is a stint in detention. You're no stranger to detention but this detention hall is a lot stranger than most... read more.

    • Difficulty: 6/10
    • Number of Players: Up to 10, 4 or more recommended.
    • Price: $18 per person or $144 for a private a room

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    Our regular room schedule is available here. Private events and team building can be hosted during or outside of regular business hours under our Team Building pricing.

    Our address is 2264 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24501We are conveniently located in Central Virginia with easy access from Roanoke, Danville, and Charlottesville.