The Lost Professor - Lynchburg Escape Room

World renowned archaeologist, Professor Wayne Marshall, went missing in the 50s and you have just come across his old research notes hidden in the old Archaeology building on campus. Rumors have circulated around the college since his disappearance.

Reading through the Professor’s notes you find evidence of a major discovery deep in a South American jungle. With this information, you’ve packed your bags, plotted a course for a long-lost temple. If you can find it and what happened to Professor Marshall you will add your names to the pages of history, but only if you make it out alive.

WARNING: Low-light

  • Escape Rate: 60%

  • Difficulty: Easy-Medium

  • Number of Players: 2-10

  • Price: $18/person or $144/private room

The Lost Professor FAQ

Will the room be dark?

This room is darker than our other rooms. If you wear glasses, please bring them.

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