Field Trips in Lynchburg, VA

Teachers, are you looking for ideas to invigorate your class? A field trip to One Way Out can provide an educational experience packed with excitement! Escape rooms are a great way to practice problem solving and critical thinking skills. Students can also enhance situational awareness and decision making under pressure. The activities help develop stronger relationships and improve teamwork among peers. We’ve hosted many educational field trips for area public and private schools. We would love to host your class as well!

Students and teachers alike can all use a small break from the school day stresses. One Way Out hosts field trip events outside of our regular business hours, enabling field trips to be private events held during the school day. After their escape room activity we can spend time with your class to talk to them about and analyze our design techniques, room strategies, and business practices. Some classes return to school to design their own escape room experiences. 

All students can participate in and learn from an enriching experience at One Way Out that goes beyond the escape room itself. Please contact us for a quote or to set up a private reservation.