Church Youth Group Activities

Hey, church youth group leaders! Are you looking for an exciting and safe environment to strengthen your students’ participation in activities, critical thinking skills, and relationships with others? One Way Out is the place for you! Our escape rooms are the perfect solution to learn both leadership and teamwork skills in a thrilling way. In each of our rooms, students will learn from and work with those that think differently in order to solve puzzles, find clues, answer riddles, and escape! 

After participating in our escape rooms, students learn that, even when working on different pathways in the beginning, all roads lead to the same outcome. What better way to shape the minds of your students than with an exhilarating, brain-stimulating time at One Way Out? We also host private events outside of our regular business hours!

Plan your bachelor party at One Way Out today! Want to schedule your party outside of our regular business hours? Sure thing! Use the Contact Us button below to setup a private reservation.